Best white wine to cook with

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White Wine Cookers

Best white wine to cook with ? What wine do you drink with dinner, spaghetti or salsa? White wine goes with everything: roasts, pastas, lemon chicken, shrimp cocktails. You can’t serve carbonized red wine with fish or desserts, but for most recipes you still want a dry wine that complements the acidic and sometimes salty ingredients like tomatoes and cheese. Take a palate-cleansing sip while you read this mini field guide to ten white wines that pair well with almost any dish.

-If you don’t like white wine, cooking with wine might be your excuse to start drinking it! The same goes for beer drinkers: Here are five techniques using beer.

-This Chardonnay pairs well with lobster.
-This Riesling is great for Asian dishes.
-These two Duckworth Pinot Grigios taste great with Adriatic dishes.
-This Pinot Grigio is great for light-colored fish like halibut or salmon.
-You can quote Shelley Winters to make tonight’s fish seem more elegant: “Champagne should be cold, but white wine should be warm.” Serving wine too warm can make it taste bitter.

Great cooking starts with great ingredients, and a well-curated wine or beer selection can be just the finishing touch. It’s easy to find quite a few appropriate wines and even beers to match dishes from around the world, but for this article we’ve gone through some of the most commonly found foods and narrowed it down to just white wines.

Best white wine to cook with

Different white wines are appropriate for different types of dishes. Here are ten white wines for cooking, with a few recommendations for recipes using them.

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