How many kitchen knives do i need

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How many kitchen knives do i need ? I’m sure there’s a special number that offers the perfect life, and similarly, there is a perfect number of knives to have in one’s kitchen. But as any aspiring home chef knows, there is one fact about cooking that isn’t complicated: the better the tools, the better the food. What is downright impossible without the right tool is far more achievable when one has the right one at their disposal.

No professional chef would think about starting a cooking session with nothing but a chopping board and a knife and while this innovative (dare we say genius?) artist turned 30 kitchen utensils into attractive fingerless gloves makes for the perfect novelty stocking-stuffer, if you value your fingers and skin, consider starting with more than just the basics.

Cooking knives get way too rough and tough use that eventually led professional cooks over the centuries to rely on their own type of science when it comes to selecting a knife – some say a true chef can pick knives out of the pot with zero practice beforehand.

With a good knife, slicing through a watermelon with a smooth downward pull of the blade should be as easy as pie – and with various sizes, shapes and prices to choose from, it’s impossible to say that one particular knife is perfect for everyone.

Everyone, including those of you who may or may not be bacon-dipping a grape in peanut butter as you read this, will have a set of personal preferences and requirements that dictate the number of knives you need – and just about all of them will leave their favorite knife at home.
With a few personal handlers and a mince here and a chop there, you should find a knife that works great for you. Rooting around in the cutlery drawer for your favorite, or debating on which to buy the next time you’re at a store shouldn’t be such a pain anymore!

Any one of these three fabulous knives will sliver through a pile of parmesan truffle pasta in no time at all. Talk about #winwin

How many kitchen knives do i need ?

Swiss Edge Knife

Chicago Cutlery Steak Knife

My personal experience is a bit different:

The two best kitchen knives I have use have been Wüsthof and Victorinox.

For Victorinox, my favorite knives are the Swiss Army Cadet and the Original Fibrox cook’s cutter. The fillet and boning shears are also fantastic, perfect for meat cooks.
My favorites from Wüsthof are the Hiro Asian Style sushi knives, as well as the Santoku Bread Knife.

I recommend four knives, which offer versatility and utility:
A Santoku Knife, A German Carving Knife, A Cooks Knife, and a Serrated Knife.

A Santoku Knife is the perfect all around knife. This Japanese style knife features a flat blade with a fairly straight edge and small rounded spine. Use this knife for anything, from soups to fruit, and from salads to lighter slicing.

A German carver is great for slicing a thin, thin slice of ham and turkey. Acute blade tip with heavy, curving blade edge for butterflying poultry, meats, and roasts.

A Cooks Knife will never leave any food stuck to the blade, and can go from cutting raw bacon to cutting a tomato without any effort at all!

And finally, a Serrated Knife is a must-have! Great for slicing breads or meats.

The 8-inch blade ensures that you will always get a beautiful, accurate cut.

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