How to cook a pork chop in oven

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When cooking pork chops in oven choose a ovenproof skillet in the oven. Spread a little oil over the skillet and heat it with the oven. Pour some milk into a small pot and whisk it before adding the flour and whisking until it becomes a nice white mix.

Use some salt and pepper and any other spices of your liking.

Put the pork chops on the hot skillet and bread them with your favorite breading. Turn them a few times to coat them and brown them on both sides. Once the outside of the meat is browned, garlic-rosemary butter should be mixed with the honey and melted in the skillet. Put the sauce on the meat first topping the outside of the pork with the butter sauce and put the oven into pre-heated 410. Leave it for 30 minutes before being served.

If you are going to serve the pork in oven, serve it with honey-garlic-rosemary butter mix over the meat and a side of drizzled honey or soy sauce.

Pork chops are one of the most loved options when it comes to cutting down on cost. Pork chops are often inexpensive to cook, but they don’t have to be no-go dishes. One of the best ways to prepare a pork chop is this oven fried pork chop recipe.

So how to cook a pork chop in oven easily ?

The phrase “oven” might not seem so appealing for cooking a pork chop, but not if done the correct way. Try these five tips for a picture-perfect finish:

-Pork chops dry out quickly while cooking.
-Oil the skillet and heat it in the oven with the meat for 30 seconds to help seal the juices
-Preheat the oven to 410 degrees.

Cook the pork chops on both sides to allow the surface to brown and result in a flavorful crust-breading

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